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New Century Tint has been working with commercial developers for over 15 years. Addressing the building’s window tint requirements. Commercial owners know the benefits of reducing the sun’s rays for the employees, equipment, and furnishings. With films coming in a variety of degrees of light transmission, we can certainly supply the perfect film for your commercial tint requirements.

The proper window tinting service can provide an 85% heat reduction, a 99% UV rejection, and reduce glare by 95%. The benefits can offer more than just someone simply pulling the blinds, or closing a curtain. Benefits include:

  • Effortlessly Maintain A Comfortable Work Environment
  • Block out heat, and harmful UV light for your employees
  • Security Window Tinting Films Provide Safety
  • Deter thieves from effortlessly entering your business, safeguarding your equipement

New Century is an authorized Suntek Tint installer. Contact us today to learn more and request a free quote.

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